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Bran: Sheep Scattering Festival

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Last weekend took place Ravasitul Oilor Festival (Sheep Scattering) in Bran Village located in Braşov County. Before we reached our destination, Platoul Inima Reginei near Bran Castle, we’ve seen how the festival increased the traffic in the area. Also, the barbecues’ smoke could be confused with a thin fog … sandwiched between layers of air. The old Bran Castle (recently available for sale) walls watched powerless to the joy of the festival’s participants, natives or tourists.

Răvăşitul Oilor Poster Ewe's milk cheese

Being a shepherds’ festival, the main attractions were the cast-iron kettles (necessary to prepare the corn mush/polenta for the bulz, a shepherds’ food specialty), the green ewe cheese, the grilled pemmican and the unfailing traditional dances, like Brasoveanca. The local boozers danced in the front of the festival stage, keeping the rhythm with the local folklore band. The participants could admire the skillfulness of the local hatters and furriers and, near to the Bran Castle street entrance, they could bought the delicious Kürtös kalács.

Kürtös kalács Store ... 100_0039

Răvăşitul Oilor Shepherd selling his cheese

Unfortunately, Sunday we could not made it to the sheep exhibition, but we visited the Dâmbovicioara Cave, in Piatra Craiului Mountains.

Petruș Lungu

În ultimii ani m-am plimbat ceva prin țară și prin afară, iar mai nou am înclinații spre cicloturism. De asemenea, practic la nivel de amator snowbording-ul și kiting-ul și încă mai fac față unor ture moderate de trekking. :)

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