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Recently, searching on the Internet, I’ve discovered a study regarding the utility of mobile technology in tourism activities. Barry Brown and Matthew Chalmers, the authors of the study, put together the old (paper maps and guides) and new technologies (GPS, PDA, digital cameras and, why not, Internet kiosks [via]) tourist are using to organize their visits/travels in different places and their importance of pre and post-visiting (through travelogues, photo albums, video recordings etc.) activities. Of course, they paid some attention to each category’s advantages and disadvantages.

The study is called Tourism and mobile technology and you can download it from here (.pdf)

Personally, I’ve discovered the utility of mobile technologies some years ago, during my trip in Ciucas Mountains, when I’ve had the opportunity to use a digital map and easily establish the course of our trip from the point we should firstly end it.

If you have a compatible mobile phone, you can download from here a mobile guide of Busteni and then, you can test the application and its usefulness.

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