Seaside 2007

If the Bulgarians entered into the real estate business with small steps, the Romanians made it big style.

From Capital’s last week article, we find out that 23 August Village will be on the list of Black Sea resorts due to a new wave of investments in accommodation and commercial projects. As I heard, the resort will be named Europe and since the resort will begin to raise to the sky the price per square meter will raise double – as we know this is speculation.

We’ll won’t speak anymore about Eforie, Neptun-Olimp or Costineşti … the main point of attraction will be Europe, the Black Sea resort not the commercial area in Voluntari, near Bucharest that is full o Chines and gypsie. There will be jokes like „Let’s take a ride through Europe”.

Speaking of Bulgarians, their accommodation grade dropped badly because of the large number of accommodation structures and as a result of this, they cut off the prices. Mr. Ovidiu Silaghi, the minister of tourism, considered this dumping and recommended to the Romanian accommodation administrators to maintain the prices.

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