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Rooms for rent … or not!

You certainly know those people who greet the tourists at an entry in the resorts or in the train station with “Rooms for rent” cards or clanging their keys in the hand, with the only purpose to accommodate the last minute tourists.

It seems that, from 2008, they will have to pay an annual lump sum of money to authorize their homes for accommodation. The ones who will not proceed this way will have all the chances to be caught in flagrant.
Practically, those private persons are in the right place at the right time when you plan your trip in the last minute. Of course, there is the risk to end up in the same room with the owner or in bad conditions.


Petruș Lungu

În ultimii ani m-am plimbat ceva prin țară și prin afară, iar mai nou am înclinații spre cicloturism. De asemenea, practic la nivel de amator snowbording-ul și kiting-ul și încă mai fac față unor ture moderate de trekking. :)

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