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Nowadays, virtual reconstructions of the ruined castles, fortress, temples or other kind of turistic objectives gain popularity among internet surfers due to the new technologies.
I just want to bring to your attention to the 2 projects: Eternal Egypt project, developed by egyptian government and IBM, and LifePlus, an EU’s project that digitally reconstructed Pompei.
Eternal Egypt project brings to the light more than 5000 years of Egyptian civilization. Selections of Egypt’s treasures, cultural heritage, peoples & history were combined into an interactive multimedia experience through the latest interactive technologies such as virtual reality and high-resolution imagery.
LifePlus project brings to our days the life in the ancient Pompei. This kind of project is an e-visitor attraction; a computer-assisted archive and documentation system has been developed especially for it. Exploring the digitalized Pompei, the visitors can meet 3D characters or virtual agents and interact with them.
Speaking of 3D characters we can see that they are replacing the real ones and step by step virtual agents will guide the surfers through the specialized web portals and virtual reconstructions.

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