Dâmbovicioara Cave

La Grotte Dâmbovicioara The cave is located half the distance between Câmpulung and Bran Village. Following the road from Câmpulung to Podul Dâmbovitei Village, I was surprised to see that all the houses, even the ramshackle ones with broken-down fences, had Boom TV & Digit TV satellite antennas. To enter in the Cheile Dâmbovicioarei, you must pay an entrance tax, a hand with all the fingers bedecked with golden rings asking you 1 RON for each person if you want to drive your car in the area. To visit the cave you must pay 5 RON.

Although the cave is poor in karsts forms, the main attraction are the guides, all of them very young. Only the cave’s first 250 meters can be visited, half of them arranged with a metal platform for walking.

Cheile Dâmbovicioarei

After you visit the cave you can admire the beautiful landscape in Cheile Dâmbovicioarei or you can relax making a barbecue near the river.

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Snake skin Snake with horse head Leopard skin

Snake head Goat Carstic forms

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