Wiki City – the interactive city

On September 8th, 2007, an internet page with a city map was broadcast on a screen display in Rome’s main square. It was all about the city’s pulse in real time by receiving information from citizens’ cellphones, GPS devices and other wireless mobile devices. Information regarding the events and all-night festivals across the Rome were broadcast on the screen. Using the web 2.0 facilities and the semantic web, the map changed its information regarding the urban life in real time.

Wiki City Rome is a project started as a study on the impact of new technologies on cities. This kind of interactive map could help people making the right decision in choosing a place to relax or an alternative route. And here we are again speaking of the utility of mobile technology in tourism activities.

See also:

  1. “Wiki City Rome” to draw a map like no other by Greg Frost & Patti Richards [English]
  2. Wiki City: orasul interactiv by Marius Cosmeanu [Romanian]
  1. You’re right! 🙂
    The project will also be developed for several other European cities and then we will redefine their notoriety in web 2.0 terms.

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