Space, the final frontier?

How far can be pushed the tourism industry? Here in Romania, the ranch from the TV Series Dallas and The Eiffel Tour were built near Slobozia as Hermes Ranch, in Austria, Klagenfurt Village, most of the wonders of the World were brought together, on a small scale and plains were built for luxury travelers.

Since the technologies are more sophisticated, it is possible to brake down the science fiction stories and to build sustainable accommodation like the SongJiang hotel in China (the hotel will be built in a stone quarry).

In November 1998 was lunched in orbit the first module of International Space Station, opening the sky’s doors for space tourism and in April 2000, Dennis Tito was the first tourist lunched in the Earth orbit.

A Spanish company promises to build first space hotel ’till 2012. The hotel will be namedGalactic Suite“. The project started as Xavier Claramunt’s hobby. Also, this is not the only initiative, in 2005, NASA organized a contest for the design of an orbital space colony and the winner was Horia-Mihail Teodorescu with his TEMIS projec.

For 2008 is announced another space travel, Richard Garriott being scheduled to blast off aboard a Soyuz rocket from Kazakhstan to the International Space Station.

QUESTIONNAIRE: RoBloggersSurvey2007, 30 September – 13 October, 2007.


  1. am 25 de ani,student, si cred ca as deveni peste noapte altfel de om daca as munci sau as lua parte la asa ceva draga D-le Horia-Mihail Teodorescu .crede-ti ca as exista acolo intr-un fel?

  2. I think you should send him an e-mail. Your comment is unlikely to be viewed here by Mr. Horia-Mihail Teodorescu.

    Have a nice day!

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